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Morocco :South and Marrakech

A travel in order to discover the magic of Morocco of the South, between casbah and desert.

1° Day: Bologna/Marrakech.
Departure from Bologna for Marrakech. When beginnings to fly over Morocco, the thing that leaves astonished you, is the quantity of green that you see. When it approaches to you Marrakech, you see the contrast beautifulst: the green that fray with red of the earth and the background of the chain of the Atlas with the innevate tops. We pass the night to Marrakech and we are useful for giving one sbirciatina to the public square Jemaa el Fna: one show of colors, lights and sounds. The full public square is of people, a continuous show, but tomorrow we begin the tour for which leave all this for the return.

2° Day: Marrakech/Ouarzazate.
We begin the travel towards Ouarzazate, crossing the valico Tizi n' Tichka, with 2.660 mt of altitude. The landscape is extraordinary : an ignited green illuminates mountains and it is melted with the colors of the flowers. The landscape ollows between high mountains of the Atlas with anchor the snow on the summits, some forest and much green. Incredible is as the Marocco is in one magic of colors in this period. We see villages isolates to you to on mountains and always close to water course, so that the life of the villages can be active. While we approach ourselves Ouarzazate, the green one leaves in order to make place us the colors of the desert. The travel is hard, nearly 5 hours of mountain road in order to cross the Atlas. Ouarzazate is a small country in Goes them of the Dades, to on the Sahara. In the vicinity of the country there are some cinematographic studies where they have been, and come turns to you today, numerous films. In the afternoon we visit the Casbah di Ait Haddou : here it seems that the time has stopped years ago. A surrealistic landscape with one magnificent kasbah to seem a sand castle. Incredible a full landscape of colors and is as the colors change second to every that the sun cove. In order to catch up the kasbah, it must cross a river, organized with sandbags in order to make the guado and the children of the village, help us. The construction of the Casbah is of earth, straw and beams of palm, much fresh one and adorned of signs, than then we will discover, that every casbah he has various signs in how much determine the trubu' pertaining.
Immagine 113.jpg

3° Day: Ouarzazate/Tinherir/Erfoud.
In the morning we visit the Casbah di Taourit, one magnificent beauty. We leave for Tinherir crossing Goes it them of the Dades. Along the road there are villages encircles to you from enormous palm groves. To late morning, we arrive to the Throats of the Todra: two high reefs 300 mt, separated between they give approximately 20 mt. The rich zone is of streams and palm groves. We leave in the afternoon for Erfoud, wait for to us approximately 200 km of road under one temperature of 35 degrees. The travel is in how much also the conditioned air of the bus does not work, but the show that introduces to our eyes repays us of all and the fatigue disappears in a moment. To Erfoud it begins the Sahara, we see small sand dunes with palms, clouds of sand that are raised. We find one temperature of 40 degrees. We take jeep and with our Berber guides us incamminiamo for approximately 30 km before arriving where he begins the desert. From here, still approximately 70 km, until arriving to Dunes of Merzouga. The show of the Sahara leaves us without words. We take the camels in order to arrive to the high summits more of the dunes, the scene is fantastic , the maestosity of the Sahara, the Algerian border that we notice to the horizon. We wait for the sunset on dunes with to our Berber guides and the colors become fantastic. We leave the Sahara with the night, a sky with a myriad of stars that seem near thus from being able to take them with the hands. To Dunes of Merzouga there is a camping where you can to eat themselves and to sleep in it stretches Berber, we wanted to be stopped, but the presence of persons of a sure one eta', has not allowed this us.

Immagine 166.jpg

4° Day: Erfoud/Zagora.
We pass to the morning to Erfoud, visiting a laboratory where they come extracted fossils from cliffs and facts of souvenir but also the tables. To Erfoud there are many fossils and this e' one of the resources of this small country. We visit the casbah of the citta', largest, where many children, made curious from our presence, follow to us for all the distance. In the afternoon departure for Zagora: they wait for to us approximately 300 km of road, the greater part in means to the desert, with one temperature of 42 degrees. We cross Goes it them of the Draa, the great river of Morocco,with approximately 100 km of palm groves. We visit the Kasbah di Alnif, encircled from an enormous palm grove in which they come it cultivates also grain and trees to you from fruit. We visit also one kasbah that is transformed for half in hotel, but however to natural, and with the single ones 15 euro to the day, can to have the average pension. We arrive to Zagora the evening. Zagora is a small country with fort influences Algerian, the inhabitants are mistrustful with the aliens and the guide advises us not to exit.
Immagine 150.jpg

5° Day: Zagora/Ouarzazate.
It begins the return travel and we resume the road for Ouarzazate. Here we visit the cinematographic studies and some kasbah where they have been turn you of the films. A great nest with 2 cicogne surpasses one kasbah. We stop a bit in the small village, cordial timid people is but, pass with they a little time then we make the road in order to return on foot in hotel, crossing the village with the buio, an incredible calm, no light, only the noises of the animals and the water.

Immagine 105.jpg

6° Day: Ouarzazate/Marrakech.
The tour is ending and we return to Marrakech crossing of new the valico of Tiz n' Ticka. We arrive to Marrakech in the late afternoon and the impact one with the public square Jemaa el Fna, after the calm, and the beautifulst seen landscapes,is till now devastating: we find ourselves dipped in a myriad of people, you play, you smell. A this bad impact remains us a bit difficult, is felt nearly schoked. The tour with the group is ended but hour I have 1 week in order to discover Marrakech.

Marrakech, at the last, it is no then much large one like city. Marrakech is divided in 2 parts: the new part where there are the greater of the hotels the Medina and and part zone rich, the ancient city. The Medina begins with walls them of the city, that they encircle all the several Medina and doors are the Babs, in order to enter and to find themselves in the true Marrakech. From the known door more, it finds the famous Mamounia hotel, attended from rich people. While you cover the tree-lined avenue for to arrive to Jemaa el Fna, you see to notice the Kotoubia, the placed side by side from the minareto and preceded rose' mosque from a great park.
In Marrakech, there is the beautifulst garden Majorelle, a botanical garden where it finds all the possible plants, characterized from the construction of an intense blue. Interesting to see, is the ancient school Cranial Medersa Ibn Youssuf, where is tauch the Corano to the boys. The imposing construction is, with bathtubs of water and the rooms for the boys who vary of aspect to second of the preparation degree that they had.
The Palace of the Bahia, is found in the Medina, it is the beautifulst one riad, where you can admire the beauty of the Arabic architecture ceilings decorates to you, garden. The Tombe Saadiane, situated in the Medina, also here with beautifulst Arabic architecture, water bathtubs, the Fontanas.

Immagine 096.jpg

Jemaa el Fna: it is the point of attraction and meeting of the city. Here it finds the personages more strange who improvise shows of dance, acrobatics, plays, singstories, charmers of snakes, people to write. You find yourself here in a surrealistic world and the scene of the public square changes during the hours of the day. After the 16 the benches of eating (no good for we to eat) and the air is fuel of smoke from cooking. Jemaa el Fna is from the souk, a maze of tight narrow lanes where it finds of all and where passes men with mules, men in bicycle or small engines, the all in the tight narrow lanes, than many times you must be stopped in order to make to pass the mule with the caretto. The souk they are uniforms to fields, there is that one of the craftsmen, the weavers, the cinciatori of skins, the slippers, the stoffe, the spezie etc.
From the other side of the public square premises with panoramic terraces are several, where you can eat or drink optimal you and admire the life of the public square.

Immagine 066.jpg

Two weeks are flown in this magic of Morocco, between spectacular landscapes and folklore. I have travelled alone in the week to Marrakech and must say that Morocco is a calm country, I moved myself taking taxi with Moroccan persons, went alone in turn for the city or the souk, is of day that of evening, and I must say that nobody has never disturbed to me.

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