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This is a travel that I have alone organized, has reserved from here only the flight and found a small hotel to the Cairo, zone of Heliopolis, for means of a friend Egyptian. The Cairo is the largest city but endured it accustoms you to its rhythm; to move to you alone is not a problem, finds single taxis ovunque and with 10 pound (approximately 1.50 euro) can be moved for approximately 25/30 km, if you make drafts in the satisfied outskirtses only 2 or 3 pound. Also being foreign, to the Cairo nobody annoys to you, nobody couples you for the road. If you have need of whichever thing, you ask the women and they are endured much kind ei yours confront. The center of the Cairo, that is Down Town, is a lot crowded, in order to arrive to us in taxi employs to us approximately an hour, the roads are fuel of cars and their way to guide is absurd: the rules like from we do not exist, the star-light red never come respected, to cross the road on foot can turn out an arduous enterprise, must make much attention in how much they difficultly are stopped in order make you to cross, for which council to make one sanitary policy before leaving.

My travel begins having like base the hotel Royal Crown in Heliopolis, small hotel, pretty, cleaned up but with the problem of the warm water only to the morning soon and after the 9 pm. Council to at least take a hotel to 4 stars, therefore you will not have the problem of the warm water and the current, in my hotel when there was the warm water lacked the current.

As far as eating the single thing to which making attention it is the water, for which only water in bottle or drinks sluices, not to use the ice. You can drink calmly the warm drinks ovunque. I have eaten from all the parts and I have not had problems, the important is that is cooked food, nothing of raw. I have eaten also the peak and in i they Mc Donalds without problems. These are the zones that I have visited organizing to me alone.

Foto 128.jpg

This immense bazaar is a center of vital importance for the commerce of the disparati kinds more. Leaving from the mosque of El-Azhar, in the heart of the city of the Fatimidi, and penetrating themselves in it crowds alleys to you, is possible to acquire of all, from the spezie to the woven ones, the objects in wood inlaid to those in blown glass, from the monili in gold to the carpets, scents, objects in silver, branch, brass, spezie. Here there is a particular atmosphere, it smells to it, the colors take to you.

It is the heart of the modern city, the point in which converges the main lines of communication of the Cairo. Here the Museum Egizio, important political centers is found, cultural centers. Beautifulst public square, always affollatissima, to all the hours. In the roads round it finds the greatest ultra modern storees of apparel to clean the shoes.
Foto 103.jpg

This is an other important public square, famous node of traffic and for the great statue of Ramses, high approximately 10 meters: spectacular. The public square is close to the railroad; with the train you could be moved in the near cities but for we impossible what is one, the trains is affollatissimi, is people that travel with the cages of the polli, difficult to find a place to seat, for which I advice against to move itself in train.

It is the symbol of of Cairo modernity: high 187 meters, offer one evocative vision of the Cairo until seeing the pyramids. The tower is found to Gezira, small isolates in means to the Nilo. Salting to the 16° slowly you can make photo of great effect, especially of night. To the 14° slowly there is the revolving restaurant, for which you can eat and admire the beauty of the Cairo.

Foto 110.jpg

From cemetary mamelucco came transformed in densely inhabited area. The lack of lodgings and the poverty line have made of this zone a crowded suburb where the tombe they are used like rooms. This zone is not much recommendable one in how much lives deprived of hope people here more, for which, if you want to visit it, it is test not to go alone but it makes you to accompany from someone of the place, can ask whichever tour operator for the Cairo.

It is found to the inside of the Citadel.It is dictates also alabaster mosque. From you have one seen here panoramic on the Cairo, you can notice in distance the pyramids.

To go around on the Nilo with the boat. I have left from the center of the Cairo and I have gone back the Nilo for two hours, then pause to MOTAKA, ancient citizen where he finds great contradictions: the lussuose villas of emiri Arabic placed side by side to a lowest level of the life of the local population.

The pyramids... sfinx... the show that it finds in front of your eyes is impressive, the maestosità of the pyramids, the sfinge that it really seems to give the guard to this immense show... Not there are words in order to describe the emotion that takes to you when you see all this.

Foto 036.jpg

It is in the zone of Midan Tahrir. Creed that all we know that this is one what absolutely not to lose, but it demands time for being visited a lot is immense. Not to lose it knows them to them of the treasure of Tutankamon, its funeraria mask in massive gold is one unforgettable show.
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